By Dr. Ben Kim on January 24, 2006


If you or someone you know can use a natural remedy for wart removal, I think that it’s worth your while to try the following treatment, sent in by Charley and Judy Triplett.


Our family has something to share that works to get rid of warts.

Our young son suffered with many warts on his hands, beginning at age three, through beginning of kindergarten. There were so many warts, especially on the outside of his fingers, the children did not want to hold his hand during activities, and made fun of him.

We had taken him to our physician, and went to dermatologist referrals for years prior to kindergarten, but were always told they would just go away. They did not want to freeze or burn them off due to possible scaring and the large concentrations of warts.

The dermatologist finally prescribed a caustic type wart remover. We used this for awhile, until the caps came off the warts, and it became very painful to apply the solution. The warts oozed and were like raw meat. This was not the solution, just torture to our son and for us in having to inflict the burning pain when applying it. It was a mess! We were told to continue the treatment, but thought better of it. The warts returned with a vengeance!

We read up on natural cures for warts, and the most highly recommended treatment was topical daily application of vitamin A (25,000 IU). We bought some gel-caps, pricked them with a pin, and put this on his warts every night at bedtime. Some rubbed off on the bed clothes, but our son was not in pain, and this is what washing machines are for. There were so many warts, we had to use two gel-caps in the beginning to squeeze a light film on all his warts.

The article said the warts would slowly disappear, taking a month or two. We followed this regimen every night, and sure enough, the warts completely went away, with no pain and with no scaring. He has only had a couple of warts since, and we do the “vitamin A” thing – it works every time. Our son is now 14 years old.

I have used vitamin A for planters warts too – and it worked! I had a couple burned out years ago, and the needle in the bottom of the foot needed to deaden it was painful. There’s no pain with vitamin A.

We have friends who have a daughter that had a wart problem similar to our son’s, but they were on her neck under her chin – dozens of warts. They did the physician and dermatologist thing, with the same recommendation and results: pain and no solution. I told him about vitamin A, gave him some capsules to get started, and in a month or two, no warts.

Both dermatologists scoffed at our remedy, but their children were not the ones with the warts!

This really works, and I wonder if you can share the reason why. Others should be so informed.

Thanks for all the knowledge you share.

Charley and Judy Triplett


I cannot give a definitive reason for why this remedy is effective for wart removal. Perhaps it has to do with vitamin A’s role in building and maintaining healthy epithelial linings, including that of the skin.

As I mentioned above, I don’t see any harm in trying this remedy. The only caveat is to be sure that there are no open wounds that could easily allow large amounts of vitamin A to become easily absorbed into the blood stream. Large doses of vitamin A can create toxic effects in the body.

Hopefully, it will work as well for everyone who tries it as it did for the Tripletts and their friends.

Thank you again, Charley and Judy.