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Scientific name: Gardinia florida

Caution: Not recommended for Diabetic

For jaundice or liver infection or bile yellow-skinned, big fever, cough, unable to sleep,
kidney disease, dysentery almost 2 or 3grasp of fruits..4 to 8grasp of roots, decoction 2 glass of water and drink 3 times a day.. For: vomiting blood,blood urine, 3 grasp of fruits mix 5 grasp of driedroots of imperata cylindrica, decoction in one letter of water and drink 3 times a day..Gardinia florida antipyretic, sedative, antihemorrhagic, antifungal, antibacteria, anti-imflammatory and cleansing to gallbladder.


Parts utilized
· Parts utilized: roots, leaves, fruits.
· Collect fruits during August to October.
· Roots: rinse, section into pieces, sun-dry.
· Fruits: sun-dry after stemming.

· Decoction of leaves and flowers used for dyspepsia, flatulences, nervous disorders and abdominal pains.
· Decoction of bark (50-55 g) used for fevers. dysentery and abdominal pains.
· Decoction of flowers used as wash for inflammed eyes.
· Poultice of leaves for swollen breasts; may be mixed with vioileta and other herbs.
· Jaundice, hepatitis
· Fruit is antiseptic; used for tootaches, foul sores.
· Cough, fever.
· Bacillary dysentery.
· Nephritic edema
· Epistaxis, painful outgrowth at the tongue
· Mastitis, furuncle
· Lymph node tuberculosis
· Dosage: use 30 to 60 gms dried roots, 60 to 120 gms dried fruits in decoction. Fruits may be pulverized and applied to regions with furuncle, sprains, lymph node tuberculosis with water or alcohol.
• In China, extract used traditionally to treat diabetes.

Antioxidant: Crocin is a water soluble carotenoid found in the fruits of gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides) and seems to possess moderately strong antioxidant activity
Diabetes: Study discovered “genipin” from the Gardenia extract. Genipin blocks the the UCP2 enzyme (uncoupling protein 2) that inhibits pancreatic insulin secretion. It suggests a potential for genipin-related compounds.


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