There are still a lot of people who are very inconsiderate to let their cigarette smokes be inhaled by people around them. It makes my life difficult. I do not even know if I have slight asthma because every time there is someone that unsparingly puff billows of cigarette smoke, I can’t breathe easily, But who can?

But this is not about me, or about cigarette, or about cigarette smokers (though they are contributors), This is about asthma and some leaves that could be helpful for its treatment.

I remember when son Daryl was months before turning one and he was inflicted with asthma. The wheezing sound was really hard to endure.   His picture being almost unconscious because of the difficulty breathing was so hurting. Who could have thought that this little child will survive the ordeal and is now already a ‘big’ teenager almost as tall as hubby?


Asthma is a type of respiratory disorder caused by allergy. Most often asthma attacks when an individual inhales pollen, perfume, dusts, and even food like sea foods and others.

Once asthma attacks, the patient will have difficulty breathing, chest constrictions and pains and repeated coughing. It is truly difficult to be inflicted with asthma because it does not make one’s life difficult but also requires medication that are very expensive.

Aside from medicines over the counter, there are herbal medicines that can help treat asthma. One can grow them in the backyard or around the house:


The dried leaves of talampunay can be put in a rolling paper or onion skin paper and used like a cigarette. The smoke is very effective against asthma but can be addictive that is why it is only the adults that are allowed to have this treatment. The one who uses this treatment must know how to control its use so that he will not be turned into an addict.  Read this related post:


Pound the leaves of lagundi and make six (6) tablespoonful. Mix in two glasses of water. Boil for fifteen (15) minutes . The boiled mixture can be taken by adults. For children, only three (3) tablespoonful must be used in the mixture. Drink the mixture three times a day.


Pound five (5) leaves and flowers of kulitis.  Mix with five (5) glasses of water and boil for ten (10) minutes.  Adults can drink this mixture four (4) cups everyday.  Children are only allowed half a cup four (4) times a day.